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  • To find the value of a color (light, medium, or dark), try viewing through a clear piece of red glass or plastic. Another good method is to cut small squares of fabrics and photocopy them. Either way... instant values without the distraction of colors.
  • Purchase a door peep-hole from the hardware store and use at quilt shows or at home when you can’t stand back far enough. You’ll be able to stand up close and see the whole quilt which is really helpful when you are arranging pieces on a design board or pinning onto a sheet. Also, you will be amazed at some of the secondary patterns that emerge.
  • Take a photograph(s) when you are looking for or have found the “perfect” arrangement for quilt blocks. Seeing the whole quilt at once may help you decide if you like the arrangement or put a block in the “wrong” place. Later you can check your final photo if you get mixed up when sewing the blocks together. If you’ve tried several arrangements and have photos of each, you can compare to see what you prefer.

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