General Quilt Construction Tips

Tips to help a quilt lie flat:
  • Spray on liquid starch before pressing to give the new crisp feeling that makes rotary cutting go easier. It will also help prevent stretching and distortion when cutting and sewing fabric on the bias. (Iron with the lengthwise grain, in the direction of the selvages only.)
  • Try to plan how pieces are cut so that those with a bias edge can be sewn to an edge cut on the straight of grain. This will help prevent unwanted stretching.
  • Press seams to one side as you construct the quilt. This will facilitate:
    • Stitching in the Ditch (stitching right next to a seam) your quilt should have seams pressed to one side and flat.
    • Stronger Seams: Seams pressed open could result in weakened seams if we use Stitch in the Ditch.
  • Check accuracy of seams and matching while piecing.
  • Cut Borders to fit the shortest length and ease the side to fit the border if necessary. Click here for detailed instructions on how to measure and add “wave-free” borders.

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