Glossary of Terms

Artemisia A highly aromatic plant, Artemisia absinthium (Absinth Wormwood) can be used to repel fleas and moths. The leaves and flowering tops are gathered when the plant is in full bloom, and dried naturally or with artificial heat. (

Bearding and Pilling - The little bits of batting that work their way between the weave of your quilt top or back and show up as little threads or "balls." Occurs most often with polyester or wool batting although some manufacturing processes will retard bearding.

Hand quilting - Some quilters prefer to hand quilt or stitch the top, batting and backing together by hand. Designs are usually marked onto the top or straight lines are often sewn along the edge of masking tape. Stitching involves guiding a threaded needle down and then up through all layers of the quilt 'sandwich' in a running stitch. The beginning and ending knots are hidden by being pulled into the batting between the top and backing.

Machine quilting - Machine quilting refers to quilting the top, batting and backing together by using a sewing machine to do the stitching. Often this is done on a professional long-arm or short-arm quilting machine.

Nap or pile - The downy or hairy surface of cloth formed by short hairs or fibers, esp. when artificially raised by brushing, etc.; The nap of fabric runs parallel to the selvage edge.

Tied Quilt - A quilt's layers can be secured together by tying. Yarn or embroidery floss is threaded on a needle and stitched down and then up through all layers of the quilt 'sandwich'. The yarn or floss is then tied in a knot (I prefer to double knot) and clipped.

UFOs Un-Finished Objects or projects which have been started but never reached completion.

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